Weka-Parallel: Machine Learning in Parallel

General Information

Weka-Parallel is a modification to Weka, a powerful machine learning and data mining application. Weka-Parallel was created with the intention of being able to run the cross-validation portion of any given classifier very quickly. This speed increase is accomplished by simultaneously calculating the necessary information using many different machines. This can significantly cut down on the amount of time it takes to run a classifier on a large dataset.

For downloads, go to our Sourceforge Project Page.

Read the file entitled README_Parallel to learn how to take advantage of Weka-Parallel's new features. This file is also distributed with Weka-Parallel.

We have also written a technical report that goes into greater detail discussing Weka-Parallel.


05 June 2003 -- Moved the site over to SourceForge

This software was written by David Musicant and Sebastian Celis

Questions, comments or submissions? You can reach us at weka-parallel-developers@lists.sourceforge.net

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